Pop Culture Classics

It’s feel-good music of the highest order. Prima Jr. takes the robust, swinging jump-blues style of his father, legendary Louis Prima, and drives it up a notch with a contemporary energy of his own. In addition to Prima Jr.’s vigorous vocals, singer Leslie Spencer adds spice to some of the tracks. She torches it up on “Someday.” There’s a genuine joy to the performances on such tracks as “Blow,” “Go, Let’s Go” and “Fame and Glory.” The whole album is a real romp. Snappy drums and power-paced horn section juice up the sound. On “That’s My Home,” Jr. is able to duet with his Dad, thanks to Sr.’s 1959 vocal and trumpet tracks. Jr. brings this party to a close with the gentler swinging “Those Million Things.“ Spin this disc and have a blast!