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Ted SchumacherBorn in Calabasas, CA, Ted “Two Lips” Schumacher has played trumpet since the age of eight. Although he was first drawn to the snare drum, his father wisely steered his second-youngest away from percussion and Ted blew a clear strong note the very first time he raised the trumpet to his lips. With his parents and seven brothers and sisters, the Schumachers owned and ran the famous ice cream parlor C.C. Brown’s in Hollywood (1929 – 1996), just two doors down from Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Customers often heard Ted practicing in the kitchen (most likely the ‘Theme from Superman‘.)

Growing up, Ted’s idol was Herb Alpert, so it was fortuitous that his father actually knew the man. Ted not only got the chance to meet his idol several times when he came to the restaurant, but later was able to purchase one of the King 2001 trumpets that Alpert played on his hit 1979 album “Rise”.  Because of the ice cream parlor’s location in the heart of Hollywood, the Schumacher Family met and got Ted B&Wto know many celebrities over the years. One of those celebrities was Perry Como who, at the time, had a television variety show. Como was impressed enough by the family to include them and their restaurant in some skits on his show, with the kids serving ice cream to Como’s celebrity guests.

By the time he was in high school Ted was proficient enough to earn the spot as the marching band’s drum major, a position that taught him determination, discipline and leadership. After he graduated, he attended CSUN on a classical music scholarship. Although his training to that point emphasized classical music, he found himself drawn to the energy and vibe of funk and soul, and, after he left CSUN (and after a brief stint in the Marines), he began playing in various disco, funk and soul bands. One of the bands he joined was Mr. Ectomy, a Zappa-esque review that had the dubious distinction of both opening for Weird Al and being kicked off the stage due to their raucousness.

Ted 1Ted was looking for a new opportunity when he joined Phat Cat Swinger, a young swing band based out of California’s High Desert. It was in PCS that he met Marco Palos and Phil Clevinger, and it was through Marco that Ted met Louis Prima, Jr.  Louis was looking for a new horn section with youthful energy and PCS’ horns fit the bill perfectly.

Ted has mastered many different styles of music including classical, jazz, swing, rock, and funk. His trumpet can be heard on music for the hit TV show ‘How I Met Your Mother‘, the soundtrack for the soon to be released movie ‘Land of the Astronauts’ starring David Arquette, PlayStation video game commercials, and on numerous artist’s CD’s. He has also been in many music videos including the bands ‘Snow Patrol’, the ‘Jonas Brothers’, and ‘Shelby Lynne’. Ted is currently residing in Los Angeles with his wife, Amy Wishart. He is a motorcyclist by nature, and an avid mountain bike rider. Ted says of Louis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses featuring Sarah Spiegel, “The most fun I’ve ever had in my life! Such a wonderful bunch of musicians.”

In 2012, Ted auditioned and became a contestant on the hit show WIPEOUT. (pictured here, just for fun)